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    Title: 1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting
    Author: Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D.
    Publisher: Parent-Wise Solutions-Hawksflight Publishing
    Publication Date: 1995 (revised in 2012)
    Genre: Parenting, Child Development, Non-Fiction

    “1-2-3 Magic” is a comprehensive guide to effective discipline for parents of children aged 2-12. The book introduces a simple, three-step approach to discipline that focuses on stopping unwanted behaviors, encouraging good behaviors, and strengthening relationships with children. The author, Thomas W. Phelan, a clinical psychologist, provides practical strategies and techniques for parents to manage their children’s behavior, reduce arguments, and promote a more positive and loving relationship.

    The book is divided into three main parts, each focusing on a specific aspect of discipline:

    1. Job One: Stopping Behaviors: This part covers how to stop unwanted behaviors such as whining, yelling, and hitting. The author introduces the “counting” technique, where parents count to three and then give a time-out if the child does not comply.
    2. Job Two: Encouraging Good Behaviors: This part focuses on encouraging good behaviors such as doing chores, doing homework, and going to bed on time. The author provides various strategies for promoting positive behaviors.
    3. Job Three: Strengthening Relationships: This part emphasizes the importance of building a strong relationship with children through quality one-on-one time, active listening, and showing genuine interest in their lives.

    “1-2-3 Magic” has been widely praised for its practical and effective approach to discipline. The book has been endorsed by numerous experts in the field of child development and has been featured in various media outlets, including The New York Times and NPR.