Don Jr attacks Fetterman at CPAC as Trump releases song with Jan 6 defendants – live

Donald Trump Jr insults Senator John Fetterman’s condition in CPAC rant

Criticism of Joe Biden’s administration, the Chinese surveillance balloon, attacks on transgender Americans and “wokeness” are proving to be recurrent themes at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, a four-day gathering for right-wing activists and Republican officials from across the US.

Donald Trump – who released a song with January 6 defendants as the conference hosts a panel with several people who were convicted for their roles in the riots – will headline the event on Saturday.

But on Friday, the conference heard from far-right members of Congress Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who announced legislation to make it a felony to perform “anything to do with gender-affirming care” as she launched into remarks labelled “pure transphobia” by critics. She also incited the crowd to boo Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Donald Trump Jr assailed stroke survivor and recently elected Democratic Senator John Fetterman as a “vegetable,” while presidential contender Nikki Haley claimed that “wokeness is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic, hands down.”


Full story: Nikki Haley declares ‘wokeness is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic’ as she bashes Don Lemon

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made an appeal to potential voters at CPAC on Friday as she declared a war on “wokeness” while reigniting her conflict with CNN’s Don Lemon.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 22:45


Don Jr ranted at ‘woke’ bank after his business account abruptly shuttered.

Donald Trump Jr ranted on social media on the stage at CPAC that a bank account associated with his new aggregation company was closed

But PNC bank told The Independent on Friday that the account for the app’s parent company ROCDIGITAL, LLC had been reopened.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 22:00


Nigel Farage rages at lockdowns, calls Trudeau a ‘loser’, praises far-right leaders and Elon Musk

Closing out Friday’s speaking events, Nigel Farage summed up CPAC grievances and heroes, from raging at Covid-19 “lockdowns” in the UK to heaping praise on far-right European leaders as well as Twitter CEO Elon Musk, whom Farage hopes will bring “balance” to what conservatives believe is a Big Tech conspiracy against them.

“When laws become enemies of men, men become enemies of laws,” he said of “lockdowns,” the likes of which were not seen in the US during the pandemic. “If any government ever tries to take away my liberties like that again I am going to be a rebel.”

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 21:48


We asked conservatives at CPAC what ‘woke’ means. Their replies were revealing

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the potential Republican presidential candidate, has repeatedly said that his state is where “woke goes to die”. Former president Donald Trump has talked about generals being too “woke”.

Speakers and panelists at CPAC, too, spent the last two days raging at “wokeness” from the stage.

But The Independent’s Eric Garcia reports that many conservatives at the conference have struggled to define what that even means.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 21:45


Steve Bannon screams from CPAC stage to urge support for Donald Trump

Former Trump aide and far-right activist Steve Bannon screamed his support for Donald Trump during his speaking slot at CPAC on Friday afternoon.

He said the arrival of Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley as GOP presidential candidates is “fine” but “we don’t have time for on the job training” after “a man who gave us four years of peace and prosperity.”

“Show us what Mitch McConnell has given us. What the Murdochs, a bunch of foreigners have given us,” he said, yelling.

Bannon, who has his own platform through Real America’s Voice, one of CPAC’s sponsors, repeatedly took aim at Fox News and network leadership that privately lambasted the former president’s bogus election claims, uncovered in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against the company.

“Note to Fox senior management: When Donald J Trump talks it’s newsworthy,” Bannon said.

Trump is “not simply the leader of a politiical party” but “the leader of the most powerful political movement in American history,” he said.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 21:32


Full story: Trump and ‘J6 Prison Choir’ release a song together as Capitol rioters get a platform at CPAC

Donald Trump has vowed to issue mass pardons for Capitol riot defendants, and now he has joined them on a song released on streaming platforms.

A group of defendants naming themselves the J6 Prison Choir released a track titled “Justice for All” on 3 March that features their rendition of the national anthem while the former president recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 21:30


‘Mike Pompeo calls for courage from conservatives, but is still afraid to say Trump’s name’

The Independent’s Richard Hall writes:

Pompeo frequently implored his audience to “never give an inch” — which, coincidentally happens to be the title of his book. But when it comes to Trump, it appears Pompeo is willing to give a mile.

And herein lies the contradiction at the heart of Pompeo’s nascent run for the White House, and indeed his legacy as a whole — the Pompeo Paradox, if you will. If your brand as a candidate is a tough guy, former military, no-nonsense swaggerer, isn’t that undermined by your inability to directly criticise your opponent? Why should any voter believe Pompeo will “never give an inch” as president when he can’t even do it on the campaign trail?

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 21:00


Trump wants to open a contest to building 10 ‘freedom cities’ on federal land

A vast majority of American land owned by the federal government is administered by agencies under the Department of Interior, most of which is used for conservation efforts, wildlife preservation and national parks.

Trump, a real estate developer whose business empire has been criminally prosecuted, wants to build “freedom cities” on government-owned land.

In a video released by his campaign, he said he plans to open a contest for proposals to build 10 such cities on federal lands and “reignite American imagination.”

“But today, our country has lost its boldness. Under my leadership, we will get it back in a very big way,” he said in the video. “If you look at just three years ago, what we were doing was unthinkable, how good it was, how great it was for our country. Our objective will be a quantum leap in the American standard of living.”

His campaign asserts that the cities would roughly be the size of Washington DC and could be built using less than one tenth of one percent of the hundreds of million of acres of “empty” government land. The campaign noted that would not include national parks.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 20:45


Nick Fuentes posed with Mike Lindell at CPAC before he was kicked out

White nationalist and virulent antisemite Nick Fuentes took a photograph with election-denying conspiracy theorist and pillow salesman Mike Lindell before he was kicked out, according to a photo on his Telegram account.

In the photo, Lindell flashes a smile and a thumbs up next to Fuentes, who is wearing black sunglasses and raising a fist.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 20:06


Trump and the ‘J6 Prison Choir’ release a song together as Capitol riot defendants get a platform at CPAC

Donald Trump has repeatedly praised the mob that stormed the halls of Congress, fuelled by the former president’s baseless narrative that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

He has vowed to issue mass pardons for Capitol riot defendants, and now he has joined them on a song released on streaming platforms.

A group of defendants naming themselves “J6 Prison Choir” released a track titled “Justice for All” that features their rendition of the national anthem while the former president recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mr Trump recorded his portion at Mar-a-Lago, while the J6 Prison Choir recorded their vocals by prison phone, according to Forbes, which first reported the track.

Meanwhile, a CPAC panel titled “True Stories of January 6: The Prosecuted Speak” provided a platform to a group of people who joined the Capitol riots.

Alex Woodward3 March 2023 19:28

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