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    Title: Handbook of Medicinal Herbs
    Author: James A. Duke
    Publisher: CRC Press
    Publication Date: 1985 (2nd edition, 2002)
    Genre: Non-fiction, Botany, Herbalism
    Pages: 677 (1st edition), 879 (2nd edition)
    ISBN: 0849312841 (1st edition), 9781420040463 (2nd edition)

    The “Handbook of Medicinal Herbs” is a comprehensive guide to medicinal herbs, featuring over 800 species of plants with medicinal or folk medicinal uses. The book provides detailed information on the toxicity and utility of each herb, including its scientific name, common name, and any known side effects or interactions. The second edition includes more species, phytochemicals, proven indications, folk indications, and dosage data than the first edition, making it an essential resource for herbalists, botanists, and healthcare professionals.

    The book is divided into several sections, including a catalog of medicinal herbs, a section on phytochemicals, and a section on proven and folk indications. Each entry includes information on the herb’s scientific name, common name, and any known side effects or interactions. The book also includes tables and illustrations to help readers quickly locate and understand the information.

    The “Handbook of Medicinal Herbs” has been widely praised for its comprehensive coverage of medicinal herbs and its ease of use. It has become a standard reference in the field of herbalism and is used by herbalists, botanists, and healthcare professionals around the world.

    The book has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike, with many praising its detailed information and ease of use. Some reviewers have noted that the book’s size and weight may make it difficult to carry around, but overall, the book has been well-received for its comprehensive coverage of medicinal herbs.

    About the Author:
    James A. Duke is a renowned ethnobotanist and economic botanist who has spent his career studying the uses and properties of medicinal plants. He is the author of over 20 books on the subject and has worked with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other organizations to promote the use of medicinal herbs.

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