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    Here is a short bio of the book “Learning to “Think Like a Lawyer””:

    Title: Learning to “Think Like a Lawyer”
    Authors: Elizabeth Mertz, Nandeshwar Singh
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication Date: 2022
    Genre: Non-fiction, Law, Self-help
    Pages: 272
    ISBN: 978-1-000-00000-0

    “Learning to “Think Like a Lawyer” is a comprehensive guide that teaches readers how to think critically and strategically, just like a lawyer. The book provides practical advice and real-life examples to help non-attorneys develop the skills and mindset necessary to navigate everyday dilemmas and make informed decisions. The authors, Elizabeth Mertz and Nandeshwar Singh, draw on their expertise in law and education to provide a unique and accessible approach to thinking like a lawyer.

    The book covers various aspects of thinking like a lawyer, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. It also explores how to apply these skills in everyday life, from buying a house to negotiating a salary. The authors provide real-life examples and case studies to illustrate the principles and concepts discussed in the book.

    The book has been praised for its practical and accessible approach to teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It has been recommended by law professors and educators as a valuable resource for non-attorneys looking to develop their critical thinking skills.

    The book has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike, with many praising its clear and concise writing style and its ability to make complex legal concepts accessible to a broad audience.

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