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    Title: Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening
    Authors: Martha Brown, Jan Perez
    Publisher: University of California, Santa Cruz Farm & Garden Apprenticeship
    Publication Date: 2015 (3rd Edition)
    Genre: Non-fiction, Agriculture, Organic Farming
    Pages: 700
    ISBN: 978-0-9828781-0-1 (eBook as PDF)

    “Teaching Organic Farming & Gardening” is a comprehensive guide for instructors teaching organic farming and gardening skills. The book covers practical aspects of organic farming and gardening, applied soil science, and social and environmental issues in agriculture. It includes revised and expanded lecture outlines, new demonstrations and exercises, detailed narrative supplements to support lecture topics, and new appendices and illustrations.

    The book is designed for a wide audience of those involved in teaching farming and gardening skills and sustainable agriculture concepts. It covers various organic cultivation principles and practices such as organic manures, composts, bio-fertilizers, crop rotation, mulching, and biological pest control. The book is suitable for colleges and universities with sustainable agriculture programs, student farms or gardens, and on-farm education programs, as well as urban agriculture, community garden, and farm training programs.

    The book has been widely praised for its comprehensive coverage of organic farming and gardening practices and its practical approach to teaching sustainable agriculture concepts. It has become a standard reference in the field of organic farming and gardening education.

    The book has received positive reviews from readers and critics alike, with many praising its detailed information and practical approach to teaching organic farming and gardening skills.

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