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    Title: 2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses
    Author: Daniel Lacerda
    Publisher: Hachette Book Group, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
    Publication Date: November 10, 2015
    Genre: Non-fiction, Yoga
    Pages: 736
    ISBN: 978-1631910104

    “2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses” is a comprehensive guide to yoga poses, featuring 2,100 poses photographed in color by Daniel Lacerda. The book includes detailed descriptions of each pose, along with its Sanskrit and English names. The poses are grouped by difficulty level, allowing readers to progress from simple to advanced poses. The book also includes a brief introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga.

    The book is divided into several sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of yoga. The first section provides an overview of the history and philosophy of yoga, including the Eight Limbs of Yoga. The second section features the 2,100 yoga poses, each with a detailed description and photographs. The final section includes a glossary of Sanskrit terms and a summary of the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

    The book has received positive reviews from yoga practitioners and enthusiasts, praising its comprehensive coverage of yoga poses and its high-quality photographs. The book has also been featured in several bestseller lists, including the New York Times and the Toronto Star.

    The book has been praised for its detailed descriptions and photographs of each pose, making it a valuable resource for yoga practitioners of all levels. Some reviewers have noted that the book’s size and weight may make it difficult to carry around, but overall, the book has been well-received for its comprehensive coverage of yoga poses.

    About the Author:
    Daniel Lacerda, also known as Mr. Yoga, is a Canadian yogi who has dedicated his life to teaching yoga. He has taught yoga to many athletes and has developed a comprehensive system of yoga that includes 2,100 poses.

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